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Changzhou Holinx Industries Co., Ltd is located in the economically developed area known as the Yangtze River Delta. Our company is located in Zhenglu Industrial Park, Tianning District, Changzhou, Jiangsu.
Our company is committed to the research, development and production of disposable sterile medical devices. The company′s main products are disposable syringes, disposable infusion sets, disposable vaginal dilators, urine bags, disposable infusion bags, disposable tourniquets and so on.
Our company has achieved the EU SGS certification; ISO 13485, ISO9001 quality system certification. The research, development, production and sale of our products are under quality management assurance system.
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Let's grab a coffee and jump on conversation chat with us.
Let's grab a coffee and jump on conversation chat with us.
  • Changzhou Holinx Industries Co., Ltd.
  • No.1 Dongtang Road ,Zhenglu Town,Tianning District, Changzhou,China
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    Our company has achieved the EU SGS certification; ISO 13485, ISO9001 quality system certification. The research, development, production and sale of our products are under quality management assurance system.
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    • In what aspects should we choose our 1000ml Infusion Bag manufacturer?
      A reliable 1000ml Infusion Bag manufacturer plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and quality of infusion bags used in healthcare settings. When selecting a manufacturer for 1000ml infusion bags, it is essential to consider various aspects to ensure the products meet the required standards and specifications.
    • Infusion Set with Air Filter Ensuring Safe and Reliable Medication Administration
      In the field of medical care, the infusion set with air filter plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe and precise administration of intravenous medications and fluids. This innovative device, integrated into the infusion system, helps prevent the infusion of air bubbles or contaminants into the patient's bloodstream, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring the delivery of high-quality healthcare.
    • Risks of Improper Use of Disposable Sterile Medical Devices
      Disposable sterile medical devices are essential equipment in the field of healthcare, offering numerous advantages. Designed for single-use, these devices ensure the highest standards of hygiene during medical procedures. By minimizing the risk of cross-contamination, they reduce the chances of infection for both patients and healthcare professionals. The applications of disposable sterile medical devices are extensive and include surgical instruments, syringes, catheters, dressings, and more.
    • Potential Risks and Side Effects of Using a Push-Pull Vaginal Dilator
      Vaginal dilators with push-pull functionality are effective tools designed to assist women in various stages of pelvic health and therapy. These dilators offer numerous benefits, such as aiding in the treatment of vaginismus, pelvic pain, and post-surgical recovery. This article aims to explore the potential risks and side effects associated with using a vaginal dilator with push-pull, ensuring users have a comprehensive understanding of this therapeutic device.
    • Disposable Tourniquets Supplier| How long can disposable tourniquets be left on?
      A disposable tourniquets supplier is a company that produces and distributes disposable tourniquets for medical use. A tourniquet is a device used to restrict blood flow to a particular area of the body. Disposable tourniquets are commonly used during medical procedures to create a bloodless field or to draw blood. These tourniquets are made for single use and are discarded after use to prevent the spread of infection.
    • China Disposable Infusion Set: Ensuring Safe and Efficient Medical Care
      The China disposable infusion set has gained recognition as a vital tool in the healthcare industry, providing safe and efficient administration of fluids and medications. With its high-quality manufacturing standards and cost-effective solutions, China has become a leading producer and exporter of disposable infusion sets worldwide.
    • How disposable tourniquet suppliers can ensure product quality?
      Disposable tourniquets suppliers provide convenient, safe, and hygienic solutions for medical facilities. These suppliers offer various types of disposable tourniquets, including manual and automatic inflatable options, as well as products made from different materials and in different sizes. These disposable tourniquets are essential equipment for medical facilities, so suppliers must ensure the quality and reliability of their products.This article will mainly introduce how disposable tourniquet suppliers can ensure product quality?
    • How to properly use a disposable adult drainage bag?
      Disposable adult drainage bags play a crucial role in the healthcare industry, providing a convenient and hygienic solution for managing urinary and wound drainage. These bags are designed to collect and store bodily fluids safely and efficiently. We will explore the proper usage of disposable adult drainage bags in this article, highlighting their importance and discussing key considerations.
    • How to choose the right disposable tourniquets supplier to work with?
      Choosing the right disposable tourniquets supplier​ can be a crucial decision for any healthcare professional working in austere environments or during emergency situations. With a wide range of suppliers available, it can be challenging to determine which company to trust with your medical devices.
    • What are some important considerations when choosing a nebulizer mask supplier?
      When it comes to choosing the right nebulizer mask supplier​, it's important to consider a few key factors. Our company, nebulizer mask supplier, is committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers. We understand that choosing the right supplier can be a challenging process, so we've put together a list of important considerations to help you make an informed decision.

    Our company seeks credibility and survival, innovation and development, serving the society with high quality brand and bringing people benefits.

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