Disposable sterile medical devices| How to use a disposable infusion set?
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Disposable sterile medical devices are essential tools for administering medical treatment safely and efficiently. Disposable sterile medical devices include disposable infusion set, syringes, catheters, and other equipment that medical professionals use to deliver medications or fluids to patients. Proper use and handling of these devices are critical to ensure the patient's well-being and prevent infections.

disposable sterile medical devices

How to use a disposable infusion set?

Preparing for Infusion: Checking and Hanging the Bottle

Before using a disposable infusion set, medical staff must check its disinfection validity period and packaging for air leakage or abnormalities. Once confirmed safe, they may insert the bottle needle part into the infusion bottle or bag. If the air inlet tube and bottle needle are not integrated, the staff does not have to open the air inlet device. Instead, they can hang the infusion bottle on the infusion rod and wait for the liquid to flow to the lower end of the infusion tube before closing the regulator.

Infusion Safety: Controlled Environment and Speed, Aseptic Operation

Infusion should be done in a regular medical institution under strict sanitary conditions and environment. The patient should stay in the infusion room and under the supervision of medical staff throughout the procedure. Adjusting the dripping speed or changing the bottle should be left to professionals, as it needs to consider the patient's condition, age, and drug requirements. During the infusion, medical staff must follow strict aseptic operation to ensure that no bacteria or air enters the system.

Post-infusion: Dealing with Small Bubbles and Bleeding

After the infusion, medical staff must check for small bubbles in the skin tube, which indicates the entry of air. They must remove the air properly to avoid any consequences. Once finished, medical staff must press a sterile cotton ball slightly above the puncture point to stop the bleeding. They should avoid pressing too hard to prevent pain and discomfort.

disposable sterile medical devices


Disposable sterile medical devices are crucial to provide safe and efficient medical treatment. Proper use and handling are essential to prevent infections and ensure the patient's well-being. For high-quality disposable sterile medical devices, you can contact us. Our equipment is reliable, safe, and thoroughly disinfected to ensure the best medical treatment for patients.


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