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Infusion Bag

Infusion Bag

    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
    • Infusion Bag
Product information:

Medical Disposable Infusion Bag With Single Tube

1.Material: Medical grade PVC


3.Inlet diameters:6-8mm

4.Length of Inlets: From 1cm to12cm

5.Item:50ml. 100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml,2000ml,3000ml.

6.Cetificates: CE,ISO

7.Single or dual port

The disposable infusion bag(double tube )

Packaging & Shipping 

Specification Packing Quantity Carton Size

50ml 25pcs/bag,48bags/carton 1200pcs 52*35*24.5cm

100ml 25pcs/bag,40bags/carton 1000pcs 52*35*24.5cm

150ml 25pcs/bag,34bags/carton 850pcs 52*35*24.5cm

250ml 25pcs/bag,32bags/carton 800pcs 52*35*24.5cm

500ml 25pcs/bag,26bags/carton 650pcs 52*35*24.5cm

1000ml 25pcs/bag,18bags/carton 450pcs 52*35*24.5cm

2000ml 25pcs/bag,12bags/carton 300pcs 52*35*24.5cm

3000ml 25pcs/bag,8bags/carton 200pcs   52*35*24.5cm

1. Low MOQ: can meet your promotional business very well.

2. Accept OEM design: can produce any design as your require.

3. Good service: we treat clients as friend.

4. Good quality: we have good reputation in the world market.

5. Good deliver: we have big discount and ensure that safety delivery.

6. Quick production as customers require.

7. Durable material can meet your requirement efficiently.

8. Competitive price can help for your promotion business very well.

9. Strict quality control before shipment.

10. After-sale service: We special focus on after-sale service.

Disposable liquid bag

Usage: Infusion solution, transfusion.

Thickness of PVC film: 0.4mm, thickness of NON PVC film (three layers): 0.2mm.

Bag body sizes: can be customized

Inlet diameters: 5-8mm, can be customized

Length of Inlets: 1cm-12cm, can be customized

Sterilization method: autoclave sterilizer(121 degree centigrade), Ethylene Oxide(EO)

Material: medical grade PVC or non PVC, 100% virginal raw materials.

Tube(port): double or single

Printing: offered

MOQ: 10000pcs

Output per day: 500000pcs

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