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Scalp Vein Set
Scalp Vein Set
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勾.png Scalp Vein Set is use in clinical disposable infusion set or use for patient intravenous infusion

disposable infusion needle has three types,single wing,double wings and with out wings,also it has 2 different structure,l type:normal infusion needle。ll type needle hidding device influsion needle,l type infjsion need is made up with needle tubing,needle handle,hose,proteting cover,needle file。ll type has an extra hiding needle device infusion.

勾.png Detail instructions:

1.single wing infusion needle,double wings infusion needle and safty infusion needle

2. Needle tip is sharper and easy to inject into venous. Less pain, less damage to tissues

3. Wings are soft and easy to secure

4.The bore diameter of cannula is wide with high flow rate

5. Easy to identify different types of needles by the colours of wings

6. has safety cover on needle tip/ needle

7. After injections, gently pull

to cover the needle with safety cover which protects health workers from injuries of contaminated needles.





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